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Become a Superhero! Or a villian!


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May 8, 2010
All right, so here's what to do: Make the person above you a superhero!
Or a villian. :) You just have to fill out the following areas for the person above:
Superhero/Villian Name:
Secret Identity:
Costume Description:
Special Abilities:
Arch Nemesis:
Background Story/Motives:
...and if you want:
Then when you have filled out the details, ask the next person to make you a superhero or villian! For "Other?" you could have
anything you like. :) Like sidekicks [ minions if you are evil. ;) ] or catch phrase, theme song, etc.

For example:
(I will do myself, but the next person can pick something else for me.)
ME: Make me a Villian!


Villian Name: Cookie Smasher
Secret Identity: Elfxspice by day working at a local walmart as a cart pusher.
Costume Description: Nothing but strategically placed banana peels and a masquerade mask.Your calling card is a carrot with three wedges shaped as a triangle.
Special Abilities: Smashing cookies with your face.
Arch Nemesis: The Gingerbread Man
Background Story/Motives: Aspiring to rid everyone of chocolatey chip goodness and replace the biscuits of happiness with icky veggies! :S
Minion: A cat named Woof who only has one eyeball and hates you.

Make me a superhero! :D
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