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Beautifully Classy- INFJ by Sonia Khan


Jul 27, 2022
INFJ- Beautifully Classy/Sonia Khan

When I get angry, I become quiet.

We are soft on the inside and outside.

I fight passionately for justice.

Beautifully sad on the inside.

She smiles when she’s sad.

INFJ’s lie when it comes to protecting people.

INFJ’s are heartbroken over loss.

When engaged, I become philosophical.

INFJs are kind women who want to be loved.

Kind women are seen as intellectuals with an openness to learn.

Kind women give mankind the benefit of the doubt without getting taken advantage of when they have an ENTP on their side.

INFJS are vulnerable when they are alone; though alone she is content.

The INFJ’s armor is concealment.

Both the INFJ and ENTP are too open with each other-the disarm of trust. (When we trust each other, we disarm caution and are open with each other).

The INFJ and ENTP gets frustrated when her words are lost upon us, then annoyed when there is no meaning.

The INFJ Is privately vain (because of hidden beauty).

The INFJ sense of humor embraces darkness.

The INFJ’s wit is endless.

The INFJ’s sensitivity to emotions is timeless.

The INFJ exerts patience as the turtle exerts steps (so carefully).

The INFJ is apathetic towards pettiness.

The INFJ is insensitive towards nothing

Everything is random

The INFJ is literal when they are telling you who you are because it is so important!

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