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Autobots - The good guys?


Shai Gar

Let me tell you about a theater of horrors.

The Transformers, G1, Season Two, Episode One, "Autobot Spike."

We open on the macabre scene of Sparkplug toying with God's domain. He has taken spare Autobot parts and cobbled them together into a hideous mish-mash of technology and sentience. He has the gall to call this an experiment.

And, I guess it's an experiment in as much as stitching together the redundant limbs and organs of your friends to see what happens when you hook a car battery up to the pile is an experiment.

The Autobots try to put this tragedy behind them by destroying an Air Force rocket base and endangering hundreds of human lives to "save" them from the Decepticons who were just going to steal some rocket parts to make themselves feel big. The destruction the Autobots whip out on these people demonstrates some grotesque negligence on their part. Have you seen the U.S. military's budget? They're not going to miss a couple rockets. It's just as well, though, as the Autobots demolish every single one of them.

In the midst of this, let's face it, orgy of chaos, Sparkplug's son, Spike, is (among the) severely injured.

His solution? To transfer the mind of his son into the empty shell of the patchwork monster he'd built earlier.

In case you're wondering, the mind transfer is a complete success. When Spike wakes up in his new alloy body, he lashes out. He's somewhere between weeping and screaming "Whhyyyy!" the whole time.

It's twisted.

But it's not as twisted as forcing him to watch Frankenstein. Which the Autobots do.

I'm having some trouble maintaining that Prime is a kind and benevolent force when he lets things like this happen.

Brian Clevinger -
I wish there was an insane laughter smily.

Just imagine one here.
I wonder if that Xbox 360 Frenzy will be in Transformers 2?