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are you afraid of being too happy?


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Dec 19, 2008
I'M SOORRRYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm like filling up the thread space i'm sorry!!!!!!!!!! one last for this day.. (maybe) hihihihi

uhmm... okay recently, i have been happy for i don't know what reason.. i just want to smile and love and care and hug people and show comfort to everybody!!!!!

i just want to see everybody happy i just want to love everybody!!!!!!!

and i'm afraid... because... usually, when i experience extreme happiness, i get extreme sadness the day after, then it goes on.. like a cycle

BUT I'M AFRAID because i never had this.. i think.. but if i did maybe it was a long long long long time ago.. when i can't remember now..

but.. i never became this happy for like 3 days without thinking about anything and without any reason.... i'm afraid something terribly bad will happen....... :( :( i hope not.. i'd rather be sad every day than be super happy and have something terrible happen to someone i care for especially my parents and relatives :( :( :(

when i go to church later, i will seriously pray something bad wouldnl't happen
I really, really understand this. I have a trauma history and I always have fought the feeling that the other shoe is going to drop so to speak.

In Buddhism, we talk about having a high life condition. When someone is happy they have a high life condition. When someone is not feeling happy they have a low life condition. The trick is to get your life condition high so that it can stay high no matter what happens.

The way that I do this is by chanting.

This is an indestructable happiness. When you are happy and it goes back and forth due to circumstances (this has happened to me so many times:) ) This is called relative happiness. When you are happy and are able to stay happy no matter what this is called indestructable happiness!

I am just relating your post to Buddhism the way my sect practices it.

I relate to this experience so much, thank-you!!
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I... think I might be able to relate, and it's one of the biggest things I get down on myself (lol, not helping much there) about.

I'm not sure if I just have some deep-seeded distrust that I don't realize of others around me, or if I've just gotten into a really REALLY bad habit, but I'm definitely prone to being happy for short bursts of time, and then slipping back into emptiness or distress. It's a really vicious cycle that almost seems to snowball, and creates from what it sounds like from sookie's post, a perpetual 'low life condition' where even when you're trying to cheer up, it seems like it's just an empty effort.

That said, there was a full two weeks a little over a year back where I was not only in a perpetually good mood, but I was in an outright state of complete bliss. There was, of course, a specific trigger for that, but I honestly mark those two weeks as the happiest I've ever been that I can think of.

So, long-winded story a bit shorter, I'm definitely a case of being afraid of being too happy, I just... am not entirely sure why. I wonder if this is an INFJ thing or if there's some other underlying reason. Hmm...
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