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An interesting dream


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Nov 8, 2008
Hello everyone!

Well, I had this dream a while back that goes a little something like this:

I walk into a warm, quiet store that has an eastern kind of vibe to it. Two women are there an begin to make artful drawings which are actually visual representations of my psychological preferences (I realize this after awakening, of course.).

The first drawing is done in gold and yellow, and is very abstract, but gives the impression of depth, and reminds me of the rays of the sun.

The next two I cannot remember which come first:

One is a red heart with a blackbird at the bottom contained within it; wings outstretched as if in flight.

The other is done in blue, and has cubes that are all interconnected in a way that shows different dimensions (more than 4), and transmits a sentiment of structure, principles, and so on.

Now the last was a song, played rather loudly which spoke of the importance of the moment. Green rugs were rolled out, and the windows were suddenly open, with the green trees swaying in the wind outside.

At this point, one of the women looks at me and says:

"The others are fine. You need to pay more attention to this one. This is a weak point."

After I awoke, I realized that this was a rather significant dream, so I ventured online fo research, and found a video of John Beebe's. In it, he spoke about the imortance of dreams, and how colors (in this case, red, which he equated to feeling, and blue to thinking) have helped him and others find their best fit type.

I see the dream like this:

Golden painting: iNtuition
Red painting: Feeling
Blue painting: Thinking
"Green" song/rugs/trees: Sensing (extraverted)

I just felt like commenting on it. Dreams are fascinating. Only, I wish I could remember the order of the middle two, for I think that would make it easier for me to find my best fit (not necessarily though, of course.).

Oh, have a merry Christmas! :)
Interesting it came out in symbols like these. Have you been trying to figure out your type for some time? It's great you can sort of realise where your thoughts are spending their energy on during the majority of the day/night, your habitual thinking, when you start to find it and maybe answers too in your dreams. And then it starts appearing in waking life.
Dreams can be excellent indicators of what's going on under the surface of your own mind, but they aren't privy to any information you aren't already (or at least not in anyway everyone's going to be able to agree on much less be knowable to human beings). So take it with a grain of salt when things you find out later relate to dreams you had previously. What is clear is that you're very concerned with what is going on inside your head, but you definitely feel the need to better yourself from knowing it. The specifics are indeed for you to divine.