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Si master race.
Feb 17, 2009

Two things. 1. Has anyone seen the MTV I hate white people video? Post your opinions and start a conversation. 2. Is the guy in this video Alt-right? What makes a person Alt-right? I don't get it. Lets start a conversation in this thread about both topics.

Side note, what is with the black guy in the MTV vid? Is he trying to be a comedian? "There's no blue lives, right? Yeah! (I guessed right!)"
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The video in question (the background video in OP).

Advice for black guys:
With regards to the Buzzfeed video: It's fluff. There are some legitimate points in there but they aren't fully being made. It reminds me a bit of armor that doesn't cover the midriff, actually. :p

The one part I actively hated was the one about mansplaining, but that was mostly because it's not clear to me where "expressing your own opinion as a man" ends and "mansplaining" begins. It's kind of BS to assume that someone, even an authority, understands everything about their own experience, which consisted of so many variables it's absurd.

With regards to Gavin McInnes: He's sorta on the border. He definitely supports "the white race" on some level, but nothing he's said even marks him as a race realist. He does focus particularly on "the culture", which is a way of viewing the world he shares with many alt-righters I think.
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