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About Addiction Treatment


Aug 27, 2009
The main thing to understand about addiction treatment is that it is not so much an event that can happen for a person but a process that they must start living on a regular basis. Those who have not been through the process of recovery will likely not see things like this, and they will erroneously believe that an addict or alcoholic can go to treatment and just become fixed over a short period of time. The truth is that we are never really fixed as addicts and if we want to stay clean and sober then we have to keep working on our recovery for the rest of our lives.

Therefore, treatment is a process that is best done over a long period of time. People who go to short residential programs actually have a very difficult task ahead of them. A few weeks in an inpatient treatment center is not enough to make a difference for most people. It can take a long time for us to change our patterns of living and learn of new ways to deal with life without resorting to our drug of choice. Learning this new way to live over time is a slow process and it does not happen in a few weeks or even a few months.

One solution for this is to embrace the long term treatment model and instead of going to a short term rehab, check into a rehab where you live for several months. Most people are not willing to make this sacrifice but if you really want to stay clean then it can drastically increase your chances of doing so.