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A function in disguise


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Dec 27, 2009
No idea for the title; can someone give me other suggestions?

Either way...Random musing! Have you heard of a function 'copying' another function?

From this topic about Te
; I can see some people using Te with Fe's standard; and it's not that improbable to see Fe using Te's standard either. Is it possible with other functions? Ne and Se? Or Ti and Fi? does it have to be opposing in symbols, for that matter? How about, say; Ti and Ne?

@add : Also, read [MENTION=1669]Res[/MENTION]; thread about cognitive dissonance; is this related? Perhaps, one's Fe is developed in such way that it mimics Te, or something similar, hence the dissonance?

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I couldn't possibly mix up Ti with Ne.
That might just be because I'm the ENTP that's infatuated with her little dandies.
Sure, Ne and Ti work together as a team, but what makes them such a great team are that they work differently.

As for Te/Fe, I can see that quite well. I used to rationalize that being kind to people is the best way to get them on your side. To make sure if I'm ever in a pinch people would at least make a minimal effort to do what they can to help. It's awfuly convenient to be well liked. But When I'm being an overall agreeable person, I'm not necessarily making conscience thoughts about what I'm doing.

Also, my Ne is a batshit crazy bitch. None of my other functions can even TRY to mimic it.
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