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May 12, 2008

Who dares to defy Galactus?
I will!

(but I need more information)
Well you're already on the internet, I'm not going to personally tell you my weakness, I mean that wouldn't be fair. I should be relatively easy to find on google.
*ponder probable location of Elemental Converter*
*poke Elemental Converter with phillips head screwdriver in the hopes of modifying it's capabilities to include "Making Friends"*

Ha, the common man can barely even use the Elemental Converter much less modify it!

*bangs screwdriver with high-heeled shoe - remembering Eowyn of Rohan and the Witch-King of Angmar - undaunted... well, slightly daunted... well, considerably unnerved by Galactus' derision but still determined to tinker and muttering "I am no man!"*

I grow impatient, for wasting my time I shall destroy your planet. Say your goodbyes now.

Whoa whoa whoa. You! Hey! Wait a second!

Ummmmm. Yeah, okay. Could you just kind of, you know, tell me what you're going to do, in detail. So I can adequately prepare? Thanks.

*surreptitiously check ebay for Ultimate Nullifier*
I suppose this isn't an outlandish request, specially considering how slow shipping can be on Ebay.

Well I intend on turning all the matter on this planet into something I can digest you see. I'm not particularly hungry at the moment, as I just ate a planet. But you dared to defy me so I'm just gonna destroy your planet for no real reason.

There is a way out of this you know.
Oh mighty Galactus, your generosity *enter higher bid* is only surpassed by your *enter higher bid* imperviousness to um, to your um, *damn, outbid* your generosity is... where was I? *click Buy Now!* Oh yes, by your giganticness.

I will, um. Yeah *check watch* so you're not hungry right now but when you're ready, let me know when you're ready to comply with my unoutlandish request and meanwhile I'll just relive my entire life since childhood in my mind... (*and do reverse phone number lookup for Nova...*)

cue expectant music clip
You know sing me Greensleeves, and I'll just come back later.
You know sing me Greensleeves, and I'll just come back later.

*waits with placid, ready-to-die face until he's out of earshot then*

HEY! GUYS!! A little help here???
*makes shopping list, drives to Target (maintaining a safe and lawful speed), shops, drives home, removes (from outrageously hard molded plastic packaging that would cripple every single old lady with arthritis) New and Improved Fantastic Four Super Awesome Anti-Galactus Action Kit! (Galactus Sold Separately)*

1 planet-to-sustenance converter
1 cosmically-empowered Human Torch
3 members of the Fantastic Four
1 Quasar

*carefully read directions*

Stir thoroughly, allowing Quasar to distract Galactus while Ben Grimm and Susan Storm tear the converter's insides apart. Once this has been accomplished, allow the Torch to overload the converter with his power cosmic, and wait for the resultant explosion to catch Galactus in its blast, reverting him to humanoid form.

*wait expectantly*
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