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  1. Lao Tzunami

    What YouTube Videos Are You Watching Right Now

    I love the What Are You Listening To Right Now thread, but in addition to listening to a lot of music, I watch a lot of YouTube videos. Through the suppression of original creators and backroom deals, the YouTube Trending tab has slowly become a corporate and mumble rap propaganda machine. This...
  2. Gaze

    Educational videos on introversion

    Post educational videos on introversion here. :) Introverts at Work : 15 Things Introverts Don’t Do That Makes Them Excel
  3. lyricalcelery

    Conversation With My 12 Year Old Self

    The title above refers to a YouTube video made by Content With Jeremiah. Despite the amount of views it has, most people around me haven't seen it before and my friends aren't as invested in this as I am. Honestly, I'm not complaining that this has been stuck in my recommendations because it...
  4. Icedream

    [INFJ] Youtubers???

    I'm surprised to see this hasn't been made yet. Let's type some youtubers. I haven't found any suspected INFJs yet, but I'll keep looking Edit: If you're typing a new youtuber, please do a detailed analysis of why you think they are that type, including instances of behavior to prove your...