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  1. TheFool

    Share your favorite Psy/Acid/Dark/Hi-Tech/Rave tracks.

    Zup fellow travellers! Anyone else into psy-music and hifiporn? If yes, please share your favorite tracks! The more underground, the better! Let us explore and expand each and another’s playlists. <3 Here is a set played by A-Narc. I love his sets and the less commonly heard ug-techno he often...
  2. 88chaz88

    Clangers Dislike Me (and I Am A Womble)

    There are a lot of Clangers in my work place, (I'm part of some BBC 70's children's TV characters outreach program) and while I'm minding my own business, picking up things that folk leave behind, and generally wombling free in the overground and underground, these mother fuckers keep whistling...