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  1. PapillonT

    Enneagram IV and Attachment

    In my research on the Enneagram, I've paused on the instinctual variant sub-types - in particular, I'm curious about possible correlation between this kind of typing and behaviour in close relationships. Besides the two tests, please feel free to share your own conclusions on this. I've seen...
  2. Reason

    Political Values Tests

    Spilling out from the rampage I went on in my blog, I want to create a thread just for online political tests. Go find some for me and post results if you wish :D Here's my latest test result and i'll try to copy + paste the tests I took in my blog over as well...
  3. Rowan Tree

    Proust Questionnaire

    So, I thought some of you might enjoy doing the Proust Questionnaire, a pre-internet online quiz. Below I give the questions and then mine and Proust's answers. 1. The principal aspect of my personality: Proust: The need to be loved; more precisely, the need to be caressed and spoiled much...