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  1. Truth Eternity

    I Think I Just Saw The Grim Reaper

    I'm a highly empathic male INFJ, to get a view of where I'm coming from. I can see ghosts, entities, and other beings criss-crossing dimensions at times, and I can sense them as well. The weird thing is that just a few minutes ago, right after my roommates left to go get dinner at the main...
  2. Trent

    Tarzan & I on the same page

    So, my step-mother, Jane, has a cat. His name is Tarzan. A gray tabby. He is probably from the Paleozoic era. Ancient of days. Anyways, he's cool. So, from time to time (almost everyday) someone is walking behind me, looking over my shoulder, snooping, etc. I look up, behind me or whatever to...