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  1. Fallible

    I need help breaking down the wall surrounding my soul

    It has been almost a year since I started living alone in my own apartment after having lived with my parents since I was born. I recently turned 22, working a full time job that I don’t like. The plan was to spend all of my free time working on my passion and eventually get a job in that field...
  2. C

    [INFJ] New Philosophical Movement: Kellerinianism

    New World Religion / Spiritual Movement / Societal Movement : Revealing The Kellerinianism Movement! Also known as: BACON SPIRITUALITY! This is a NEW Movement! This is a societal, philisophical, political, spiritual, and soulful lifestyle movement aimed at...
  3. Trent

    [xNFx] NF Original Quote of the Day

    From an INFx perspective or xNFx.... "How do you rip the eternity of a soul? Is it possible? Sure, its called divorce." I know dark. Hey, guess what? INFJ :)