1. E

    What's your plant personality?

    TAKE THE PLANT PERSONALITY QUIZ AND DISCOVER YOUR INNER Herb Nerd For more fun reference: Plants 101 FNP
  2. Bird

    Plant life inducing a sense of being cared for in humans.

    I was reading an article today about how an office enriched with plant life leads to happier employees. The plant life gives the feeling that employers generally care about them. Here is the complete article if you would like to read more. I know for a long time now that restaurants have...
  3. iHeartCats

    Is This Normal?

    I believe that plants have feelings, so when I eat fruit I sometimes think about how if I eat one peach and leave the other one for later, the one that I leave for later will be sad and think that I don't like it. Does it happen to you sometimes?