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personality test

  1. Somnium

    Does knowing that you “fit in” a personality type actually makes you feel better?

    I’ve been thinking about how science can actually explain a certain predictable form of being. In fact, look at you now, taking part on a social media which allows people to access much more than you could ever imagine yourself telling someone you know in person. An index, a catalog, an...
  2. Parker

    What Are Enneagrama? Help?

    So, prior to joining this forum, I hadn’t heard anything about Enneagrams. What are they? Does anyone have any resources that can help me understand? (Besides posts on the forum) Thanks!
  3. E

    What's your plant personality?

    TAKE THE PLANT PERSONALITY QUIZ AND DISCOVER YOUR INNER Herb Nerd For more fun reference: Plants 101 FNP
  4. E

    Zodiac Signs Personality Test

    Zodiac Signs Personality Test What is your actual zodiac sign? What are your results? (You can skip the demographic survey at the end)
  5. E

    The Anatomy of Love: Helen Fisher's Personality Quiz