1. pzl2lxie81mc

    Supporting the black community

    I wanted to start a thread to discuss ways we can all support the black community during these troubled times. Float some ideas and maybe talk about what each of us has done. For me, my support mostly has been to rally my (three) friends and family around the BLM movement and the protests. I’m...
  2. Truth Eternity

    [INFJ] Dangers of 5G; Let's talk

    So I've recently heard a louder "uproar" of information on the topic of 5G technology. I've heard it could be very harmful -- like cancer level -- due to high frequency radio waves, which wouldn't be radio waves anymore due to its higher frequency, more like UV level or above. I've heard about...
  3. D

    Can INFJ's lack the skills / determination for action on causes they care about?

    According to any tests I have ever had (online), as well as any blogs/ articles I have read (online), I would be an INFJ. Well, there was this time when I was an INTJ, but quite frankly, I was projecting my desire to have a more T approach to things in life, which I don't have. But one of the...