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human rights

  1. Skarekrow

    The right to die?

    The right to die? Death with dignity? How do you feel about assisted suicide or euthanasia? The main difference between the two: Assisted suicide, the patient is in complete control of the process that leads to death because he/she is the person who performs the act of suicide. Euthanasia is...
  2. Radiantshadow -- the Huaorani

    I got another weekly email from and figured I'd share it with the forum, with links for those wishing to petition. I believe the petition itself needs somewhere in the neighborhood of 30,000 more supporters to be formally approved and moved on. The email: "A people about to be wiped...
  3. slant

    Feminism is NOT equality

    The concept of feminism and all variations of feminism do not promote equality. Feminism is inherently sexist and by performing in such a way it defeats its own missions statement, perpetuating problems between the sexes by dividing them. I have long heard that people have a misconception about...