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  1. Jonah Caan

    What's Your Top 5 Films to Watch in Autumn/Fall?

    As a strange summer comes to an end and the wind whistles the welcome of Autumn, I'm already feeling myself getting SAD. But at the same time, I find Autumn to be the most beautiful of all the seasons. I just have to stay on top of it by surrounding myself with things that keep me warm, films...
  2. J

    Films that strike a chord.

    Do any of you have any films in mind that struck a chord with you and left you thinking a lot and/or rather emotional? A few films have always had that 'fizz' that no other films bring to my mind. They are films I could watch again and again without feeling any less struck by the craft of film...
  3. Persona

    A list of your most favorite movies from every genre, and WHY!

    I've recently been pondering on a lot of movies of various genres, and I'm curious to see what yours are, and why! I'll leave a list of my personal preferences below with a short description of why I like them, and categorize them as an example of how you could post. Fantasy: Inception...