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  1. aeon

    Feminism Test (5-scale)

    Feminism Test (5-scale) – IDR Labs immediate results, no email required Cheers, Ian ------- The 5 Scales: Traditionalism Traditionalism refers to illiberal strands of philosophy which seek to preserve what they see as the “natural” and “traditional” order of things. In the past, this...
  2. mintoots

    Let's talk about women in powerplay

    Let's talk about feminism in the workplace or in clear career paths. Any topic is welcome, but to start: Would you consider yourself a feminist? Why or why not? And/or Feminist or not, tell us a story that you know which highlights either the oppression of women in the workplace, the...
  3. Asa

    For Women

    This thread is for women. It is a place where women can peacefully discuss topics about women, both serious and fun. Please be peaceful and respectful. This thread is tagged Pax. Feel free to discuss anything from serious topics to fun topics. Some of the topics for this thread: feminism...