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  1. H

    ENTP and INFJ, don't really know what to do anymore

    We used to be so close, in fact i loved him (we are both dudes and he knows i am gay).. even though he couldn't reciprocate because he's in a relationship (with a girl), but he'd get really jealous and possessive (this doesn't happen with other friend of his) while i am with other friends, this...
  2. L

    [ENTP] Help me with INFJ relationships

    Recently I've discovered that most of the women I've ever been seriously attracted to were INFJs. So I have some questions about a current situation I would like to discuss. The background, this woman is part of my social circle. Last year we got pretty close, thought maybe she wanted to be...
  3. MrSquared

    Concerning Anxiety

    As a trait of self, would you say that you're high in anxiety? Or not so much? I only ask because the longer I'm alive and the more people I interact with, the more I suspect that I am a rather anxious person by nature. Aka, if I permit myself to be left alone with certain thoughts, I'm quite...
  4. Marusiab

    Any european male INFJ looking for his ENTP ? ^^ :)

    Hey, I noticed mbti is popular in States but hardly anyone in Europe knows about it. Im 35 and searching for my infj soulmate...
  5. Rorrim

    [ENTP] Hey does anyone here play League of Legends?

    Hey, I'm looking for cool people to play some League with. I have an unhealthy bias towards INFJs but honestly if you are cool I'd love to play with you! my ign: "Mirror Mirror" my elo: Platinum 2 roles: All really Hope to play with you all!