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  1. Trent

    Empathic at Chik-fil-a

    Hello Empaths. Today, I had lunch at Chik-fil-a. Anyways, I am sitting across from a older man (grandpa?), about 4 year boy, 1-2 year girl and mom. I have moments like this that I am so thankful for. Like a Norman Rockwell painting. Kind of. I just saw love. Know what I mean? I saw it, felt it...
  2. Scientia

    Science Links Anxiety to High IQs, Sentinel Intelligence, Social Anxiety Psychic Gift

    What do you think of this? http://www.feelguide.com/2015/04/22/science-links-anxiety-to-high-iqs-sentinel-intelligence-social-anxiety-to-very-rare-psychic-gift/ Although Western medicine has radically transformed our world for the better, and given rise to some of the most remarkable...