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  1. RedInAK

    [INFJ] I asked ChatGPT to write a poem about INFJ in the style of Tolkien.

    Here it is: In the land of Middle-earth, Where the light and shadows meet, There dwells a rare and precious kind, Whose soul is pure and sweet. The INFJ is their name, A creature of both light and dark, With empathy and intuition keen, And a heart that leaves its mark. Their wisdom is a...
  2. aeon

    ChatGPT describes the ENFP type in the style of Dr. Seuss

    “Oh, the ENFP, what a wondrous type! Full of life and energy, always up for a hike. They’re enthusiastic, creative, and quick on their feet, With a heart full of love that can’t be beat! They’re curious and insightful, with an eye for what’s new, And they’ll follow their dreams, no matter how...
  3. aeon

    ChatGPT describes the INFJ type in the style of Lovecraft

    “In the dark and ancient depths of the human psyche, there lurks a rare and enigmatic creature known as the INFJ. This elusive being is possessed of a keen intellect and a profound sensitivity to the emotions of others, yet remains strangely aloof from the world around it. Like a creature of...