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  • 1. New job and have received two promotions within the last 7 months. It's a great job within a non-profit
    2. Got diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (From my previous post about my workplace injury) My boss didn't believe me ;) I only feel pains upon gross overuse now.
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    So you changed your job ... Good job👍👏 ... I did read your previous post before this one and made a big speech :sweatsmile:
    3. I have moved three times over eight months. I am in an apartment with my best friend now but will probably move again by August.
    4. I became a wannabe DnD nerd! My brother showed me a DnD Podcast, I really want to find a party to play with.
    Hello! Life has been quite the whirlwind (to put it lightly).
    Sorry, I dropped off the map for a while there, so this next post will be a bit long.
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