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  • Really?

    Gosh, I simply adored her.

    I would have gladly been her lackey over that viscious great lion.


    I'm actually reminded of Jadice in my recent reading.

    Currently I'm working my way through a book entitle 'Celtic myths and legends'.
    Though I haven't passed the historic part yet, which describes things such as the Celts as a people, their diffussion throughout Europe, their beleifs and habits etc-etc.

    In one part some roman/greek fellow relates how it was 'A trial to be up against the Celt alone in battle, but if his wife with the strong gait and 'snowy arms' were to interfer your chances were gone'

    Celtic and thus Irish myth is bursting with grand, overbearing women capable of amazing feats.

    Hahhaa, so are my stories, but some would claim that tall overpowering women and androgynous subverted men are more indicative of sexual fantasy inserted into writing than national heritage.

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