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  • Oh, cool! I used to play lot of MMORPG games in the past, but then I realized that my computer is too outdated, lol. I've tried/played too many of them to even start counting. :D
    Aion, GW1 & GW2, Tera, Aika Online, Shaiya, Blade & Soul (Chinese open beta), Allods Online, Maestia Online, Continent of the Ninth Seal, Vindictus, Crystal Saga, Drakensang Online,
    Elder Scrolls Online (closed beta), EVE Online (was way too hard), Final Fantasy FIV (closed beta and free trial), Forsaken World (closed beta)... LOL, so many! @_@

    What MMORPG games you have tried or like to play?

    Lol, aww. Thank you, sweet song but maybe not my favorite genre, though. :)
    Lol, it's okey. :D I have had more bad days than good days... I just want to suffocate in my pillow and not get up the bed. ;___; Because I see no reason why...

    I see... :/ It's normal to want social interaction with people sometimes, regardless you're introvert or not.

    How are you? :m111:
    Thank you, I hope so too. Aw, LOL... :m051: I don't know what to say right now. I think there's this saying... ''treat others the way you want to be treated'' so I try to follow that ''rule'' and treat others with same respect and kindness, regardless who they are. :)
    Hello~! Oh, it's okey... I understand that life can become really busy sometimes. Yup, clear blue sky and warmth is really nice. :) Hm... Nothing interesting much, forum has been quite the same in my opinion. I have been quite depressed, since few of my dearest ones are badly ill... :/ How have you been?
    I agree, Asia has lot to offer. It's really exotic and beautiful. Mix of old history and modern life... Cool, okey. :) I think my country is okey. Lots of beautiful nature and people are naturally introvert here, I think. But winters are way too long, cold and dark. I like warm countries with sunshine and beaches. What about you?
    I wish! But you're wrong. ●︿● Not much, even though Asian countries and culture interest me a lot. Do you like martial arts?
    Hello! Rain is really relaxing and lovely, makes easily sleepy though. :) But air smells so fresh after it! That's nice~ Nothing special really... Bored most of the time. .___. It was early evening when you posted. Evenings are so bright and light now in the summer, harder to sleep LOL.
    Okey. :) Yeah, I use this forum mostly and it's my only account here. I'm okey, feeling little sleepless though. How are you? I don't think there's anything special going on in this forum. Some people have changed their usernames though, so they have different usernames now. I don't know if this forum is boring now, LOL. But it does feel quiet sometimes.
    Well... Welcome back! :) I remember you from the Thumb list, LOL. Yes, you are in my friends list too. I am online often since so bored. :rolleyes: Aw, thankies~
    It's good to take break sometimes.
    Okay.....let bygones be bygones, got it. This is something new I'm finding out about you. Glad you can relate.
    Yeah I feel that way too. I was being like that. I was tested before as INTJ, when I was in 10th grade or less than a year ago. I was being curious about myself that why did I do this/that. I wanted to figure out my true identity. Actually MBTI let me know this, something on me. It helps me to understand people and myself. Honestly, you didn't do wrong. Your just being true to yourself. Let's not count our mistakes and instead count what we have cherished for.. No one is perfect. I admire your honesty.. But let bygones be bygones.. :D
    That is what friends are for............but I really didn't want you to think I was mad at you. To be honest I was hesitant to right back because I thought that you would think I was mad at you. I didn't know how to reply after holding off for so long. When you said "I value your own logic without knowing your emotional needs" I came to a realization. You basically described me. I do get a little too absorbed in intellectual pursuit, that I sometimes avoid my emotions, and others. I spend a lot of time studying, learning, and mastering facts, subjects, theories. I forget there's an external world out there. I live inside my head. I have gotten very absorbed in MBTI. Could be because learning I was an INFJ, has change my whole outlook. I saw things differently. It humbled me a bit, helped me feel less like a complete oddball. but that's not an excuse for me. You're comment was actually very helpful. I like constructive criticism, I may not like it sometimes, but it betters me as a person. There are something people need to hear sometimes. I disappear sometimes but I guess I'm one of those people who need a little extra alone time. Or I forget that there are people and friends in my life, because I'm trapped in my head. I've always been that way. I can forget and be a flake sometimes. Don't feel bad for what you said, I never though of it that way, I figured you wanted to help me, and it did. trust me I can handle it lol It help me clear my mind a bit. if anything I'm disappointed in myself that I made you feel like you did anything wrong. If I felt hurt by anything you say or said, believe me you would know.:smile:
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