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Nov 2, 2011
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Sep 17, 2017
    1. endersgone
      You posted it on your page again : P

      but yeah that old man at the end :lol:

      Spanish for language requirement, I've taken so many languages and still haven't met it...
    2. skippy64
      So I got bored and started watching CH again. That stuff is addictive so I gotta watch myself! I'll just show you this one video that made me laugh.
      Okay, no more videos!

      Why are you taking spanish? Well actually, that's a good idea. Anything to keep the brain stimulated so it doesn't become mush after watching retarded videos :P

      Edit: I can't stop laughing over the old man at the end :lol:
    3. endersgone
      Classes will be spanish and another psych course.

      I'm looking forward to being in class again, I can practice my adept social skillz : P
    4. endersgone
      Good luck trying to start a conversation while you're praying your ass off!

      Alright, so I don't have a good come back... but you're an asshole : P
    5. endersgone
      There's this thing called google and it can provide answers in a fraction of the time it would take me to type it out :heh:

      It's indoor, if you want details = googles it : )
    6. endersgone
      Lol's Peter, you need to go to the gym more : P
    7. endersgone
      Glad to hear it, hope things continue to improve for you : )

      I'm thinking about joining a cycling class up at the Y, it's free for me anyway... maybe meet some new people.

      Guess I'll at least have classes in a couple weeks to keep me occupied.
    8. endersgone
      You had that stupid jacks game on your computer, I'm not sure why I'm remembering that now...
    9. endersgone
      Of course I'm talking about goldeneye on the N64, god man your memory is shit, lol. Yeah we all used to lick our food so nobody else would take it...

      I remember the first time you slept over at my house Tim was pissed and wouldn't let you borrow goldeneye because he wanted to come over too... it was in your old, old, house. The one with the swinging chair on the porch... I think it was just after the N64 just came out, but who knows bits and pieces of that aren't exactly clear anymore.
    10. mochi
      Oh I see, lol.

      The Christian group sounds great. I hope you enjoy yourself there. ^.^ I think I will always be shy, but the funny thing is that I have so many good friends since I was a child (best friends growing up, and some new additions:3) I am often mistaken for an extrovert. I'm sure it must be the same way when you are with Endersgone, of course. :)
    11. mochi
      Thank you for sharing that. :3 I must say that it is nice to get to know you more.

      I think that most people are like that on the forums at first, or at least I was. :3 Sometimes people act like it is abnormal, but the reality is that they are those type of people who have been on forums their whole lives, so it is kind of silly for them to act like they have never acted that way at one point lol. :3 But I know what you mean, it's best to only tell people you really trust. I still think you are bubbly. :) This is my first forums, is it yours too?
    12. endersgone
      Yeah... time flies, huh?

      I still remember the goldeneye marathons we had... and Tim always had me laughing so hard.
    13. endersgone

      Sorry man, couldn't resist... as you can see I was pretty bored tonight. At least I covered you up ; )
    14. mochi
      Your welcome, and thank you. :3 Well, I've talked to Endersgone in this very joking way as I do with everyone, you included. :P I am very quiet, but hopefully I will be able to get to know you guys more. :3
    15. endersgone
      Well that's good, here I thought you were contemplating a double homicide : P

      Good news? Nothing new, as of right now... I suppose I've taken up walking "meditation" - I don't know, lately I've been kind of mad at myself... I hate being so scared of small talk, and the awkwardness that comes with it. It takes so much work... just tired of it. I have learned some cool songs on guitar I suppose - I think I played one of them on my blog. (learned a lot of zelda songs, lol)
    16. endersgone
      Anyway, how are things? You join a gym yet? Or are you still running with "billy bob" (this was a name I made up... I don't remember his name) your co-worker?
    17. endersgone
      Giving me a bad rap... how dare you, after all these years of friendship... I am disappoint.

      : P

      You're too kind : )
    18. mochi
      Don't feel bad it was no problem. I see, Endersgone seems like a nice friend. :)

      Oh don't worry I wasn't flirting, I was just being silly. :3 I'm sorry to hear that, but you don't seem that way to me, you are a nice friend. :)
    19. mochi
      Oh no problem gurl :P I was going to tease you back! :D

      I see, that's very interesting. Endersgone: :m131: Don't forget to tell me super secret stories too!:m2:
    20. mochi
      :P My blog.

      How are you by the way? I haven't seen you post in a while. :3
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