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Jan 20, 1975 (Age: 46)
Publish the book I am working on.

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Sep 21, 2015
    1. invisible
      youre welcome!!!!
    2. Skarekrow
      I have read parts of it, I will confess I haven’t read it all.
      There are those who believe that the three wise men who came to Jesus, were not bearing the gift that they supposedly brought, but that they were metaphors for the instruction that they gave Jesus as they helped to raise him. One came from what could be China, one from Persia, and one from India.
      That’s the story anyhow…that they all taught Jesus the secrets of their religion and of life.
      The group isn’t always very active…but it’s a good group of people to bounce ideas off of that otherwise would scoff at you.
    3. Skarekrow
      Many of those thinkers were not revered until some time after their deaths…in a lot of cases people who discovered how the universe worked were put to death by the church.
      There are loads of cases like that…and it continues to this day.
      The dismissal of anything PSI, or paranormal, is to ignore what quantum physics actually tells us is easily possible through the wave-fuction collapse.
      Anyhow…sending you an invite to my group.
    4. Skarekrow
      You can post wherever you like so long as you are comfortable with it being public…I don’t care myself.
      That sounds like a very interesting book!
      Have you read “Lilith’s Brood†by Octavia Butler -
      And also the “Hyperion†books -
      And for sure this one -
      They sound right up your alley.

      As for my thread…a lot of what gets posted there is speculation…is theory…is subjective experience.
      But there is also a god deal with very solid science behind it…and even those which are unprovable or are just wild theories lead you to new lines of thinking and ideas you normally might not have looked at.
      I try to maintain a good mix of scientific with paranormal, some history, some self-helpy type shit, etc.
      I post the stories that I find personally interesting, be it provable or not.
    5. flower
      Nice to meet you too. :m165: Haha, yeah... :)
    6. flower
      Hello~! :m057:
    7. Free
      Hey there :D
    8. Skarekrow
      Sounds interesting…what’s the premise if you don’t mind me asking?
      I’m very proud of my thread, I hope you find some good information on there.
      Of course, a good portion of it is speculation, but for those of us who have had things like paranormal experiences…the current scientific explanation of “it’s all in your head” or “it doesn’t exist” “it isn’t possible” just doesn’t cut it.
      Please feel free to ask about, or comment on, any posts that are already there, even if it was way back near the start.
      Also, if you think you have found a relevant story, feel free to post it there as well.
    9. ShadowWarrior
    10. Skarekrow
      Hello there.
      Nice to meet you!
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    Jan 20, 1975 (Age: 46)
    Publish the book I am working on.
    I feel as if I have lived many lives in what feels to me like the short 40 years I have been alive. I have seen hurt, love, pain, compassion, giving, taking and endured all of this.

    I have been a hermit for too long after all of the pains that I faced in this short but long life, and I am ready to emerge and hopefully share with others and hopefully learn from others.

    The greatest lesson I learned after being a hermit for so many years, and this is why I had chosen that path. Is that we as humans need one another, its not for feeling physically close to one another, although that is a necessity as well, it is more about the union of the mind.

    As a deep thinker I truly understand this, we as humans thrive and grow and change our outlooks simply by the communications we give.
    In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?:
    My children, my writing, my family, inter-connectivity, compassion, humanity.
    What would be your epitaph?:
    She may no longer be with us, but she will always be a part of us...
    Interested in connecting with others from the same mindset, who have the ability to open their realities up to things beyond the standards set in society.

    Writing, discovering, reading, music and so much more...
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