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  • Wait a minute, we're not the most emotional forum on the planet? Woah. I haven't lived.

    Ah, people. It's a complicated topic for everyone I suppose. So, how do you find life as an INTP? I don't mean to sound like I'm branding you with a type and judging by that alone but... as we're on this forum, in context it seems appropriate. How do you feel you compare to INFJs?
    Hey, we love long posts! So what brought you to this forum? What is it that interests you about it? I don't say that like, "What are you doing here? :suspicious:" but obviously you are an INTP so I'm curious.
    Jesus you don't half take 10 years to reply do you?

    Do you frequent another forum and occasionally dip into this one? I think you need to post more.
    Everyone needs smilies as well! Here are my personal favourites.

    :becky: :angel::cheer2::target:
    Me, being me, I just had to decorate your profile with a message, it was looking a bit bare!
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