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Jul 23, 2022
    1. INFJok
    2. just me
      just me
      What for, huh? Thumb or rec or something you left for something or other I guess...
    3. just me
      just me
      Thank you, lenina.
    4. gd65h8as7
      Caught the first four episodes of Community the other day, you were totally right, without Dan Harmon there the show lost its edge. Writing isn't as sharp anymore, even though it still seems like the cast is still giving it their all. They gave us three phenomenal seasons so I'm not really complaining but there's definitely been a drastic change in quality.
    5. Rcs6r
    6. subwayrider
      2013 is much better than 2012. I'm more balanced these days, steady and deliberate. I get to learn things.

      Weren't we discussing Batman? Haha. I guess as an extension, it was also ethics. How is your year?
    7. subwayrider
    8. gd65h8as7
      Haha yeah I know I gave you a thumbs down by accident it was completely unintentional.
    9. gd65h8as7
      Ohhhhh, I didn't even notice that. That was a total accident haha, my bad about that. It was supposed to be a thumbs up, I apologize :P
    10. gd65h8as7
      Hey what's up lenina :)

      First off, you're welcome for the support on your blog posts. On the one you made about alternating between feeling purposeful and mundane, it's actually pretty similar for me. One of my biggest worries right now is whether or not I'll feel my hard work will pay off. I'm studying pre medicine in school and I read stories of people working their asses off in medicine and not feeling like their work is worth it, and others being completely satisfied. I wish I had a crystal ball to find out which camp I'm going to end up in. Only thing I can think to do is keep the faith. We're simple human beings, and I feel all of us need guidance. Human societies used to be a lot more spiritual than they are now, I think we've lost a lot of our spiritual roots (at least in the US). But i'm rambling, let me stop.

      But in the Israel thread, you made a salient point. What me and muir are saying run so counter to the mainstream that we're usually dismissed as crazy, even though the facts are on our side. People don't realize that the propaganda machine in the West is a juggernaut and is frighteningly effective. Even Noam Chomsky, a Jewish intellectual, agrees that the Israelis are the aggressors and are terrorizing the Palestinians
    11. Gaze
      thank you :)
    12. flipper
      Hey there! :)
    13. subwayrider
      If I were more competitive, I'd probably be a lot more ambitious and hard-working than I am now (not that I am particularly lazy). But, being overly competitive can have you ignoring the feelings and needs of others. Competition can make enemies out of people who could potentially be friends. I guess you'd have to be someone who is good at putting feelings aside in order to be strongly competitive. What's your take on it? What about time travel? :D
    14. subwayrider
      I think so, too. Well, putting MBTI to good use, I think the best approach is for me to use my Thinking function (Ti, I think) in order to achieve a more healthy state. I need to be more balanced. And it's true, all through my teenage years I've focused so much on my emotions that they eclipsed everything else. My Ti is beginning to blossom, and I think it's thanks to the math and science courses I took recently. That same logic can be applied to my waking life, and it is being applied. It helps a lot.
      I'm not much in favor of competition. I am not a very competitive person; I don't really see the point. It has its benefits, obviously-- the historically competitive nature of the country I live in (USA) is partly responsible for it being one of the best places to live in the world.
    15. subwayrider
      Yes, I did too, and I think we should have more discussions like it!
      My 2012 is going fine. Better than fine, actually. I'm quite happy. I think all the apparent unhappiness I've been through these past few years has hardened me and made me more shiny.
      What do you want to discuss this time????
    16. subwayrider
      Hello. I was reading that discussion we had a few months ago about Batman and wanted to drop by xD
      How's your 2012 going?
    17. eloquent_leo
    18. eloquent_leo
      no problem :) haha yeah, i'm not sure it is either.
    19. eloquent_leo
    20. MonkeyGrassGirl
      :melts: That pic looks like it jumped onto the screen, just to make me happy! :D Love it!
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  • About

    meet my potential
    In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?:
    1. God - not to say i am very devout, i just know that if He wasn't there i wouldn't exist
    2. oxygen - self-explanatory
    3. food - eating food is a chore to me, but i know i couldn't live without it

    the rest im pretty flexible with...but i'm going to force myself to finish the list

    4. People that understand me and like me - this is more like a weakness

    hmm this is getting hard...

    5. sources of knowledge - books, internet
    6. okay that's it, i can't come up with the sixth thing that i just could never do without
    dont know
    I love to love doing productive things. So I find productive things that I should love doing and do them.

    Right now the list of productive things I do are:
    Play the recorder
    Read historical fiction
    Learn to understand Arabic and read in Urdu

    List of unproductive things:
    Watch shows and movies

    (June, 2011)

    I don't want to erase what I wrote before, because guess what? I like tracking progress (or regress) as well.

    My interests have not changed much. Still reading, still working on languages but my list of unproductive interests has changed :) I have cut down on both TV and Facebook.

    (April, 2013)
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