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    Intuitively trusting others vs actions

    I read somewhere that we use alot of our brain power unconsciously through the use of intuition....lots of tiny bits of memory and experience adding up to give us that "funny feeling." Definitely something not to disregard.
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    What Motivates You as an INFJ?

    Feeling that I am helping people and/or human culture in some way helps keep me going through the daily grind. I may not make a huge difference, but if I can try to nudge the big bolder in the right direction I feel like I've done my part.
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    How would the world be different if the Axis had won WWII?

    Many of us would not be speaking at all....I'd have been killed off long ago.
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    I have a pretty good balance between social interaction and alone time, and that helps. I may be home all day on the weekend, but choose to dine at a local place where I know lots of folks. I get "just enough" interaction that way. During the week (mass transit and work) I am pretty social...
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    Being A Better Human

    I think a "History of the World and the Misguided Human Ego" would be a very telling read. Yes, it seems to be that way....I think one can choose live differently, but one must take care to do so wisely, being rooted in something solid and sure.
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    God is a sexist, homophobic, proslavery, sadistic, murderer

    Sometimes this can be productive, sometimes (more often) not. I don't expect we'll make much headway here, though.
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    God is a sexist, homophobic, proslavery, sadistic, murderer

    Gee...that would sorta explain what I have been doing for the past 35 years!!! Dialogue is fun...debate is boring.
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    Great to be INFJ

    +2!!!! People freak out when I dine alone. Why...I happen to enjoy my own company!!! If I ever meet someone I actually want to be around for a good long while, I might actually go on a date someday! Hasn't happened in 10 years, but ya never know!!
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    Being A Better Human

    I'm with you 100%! It is interesting to me how we/I look back on history at some of the times where weird bad stuff was happening...and it is easy to wonder how past generations got it so wrong. We tend to think we might have done it much better. Fast forward to's the same ol'...
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    I try really hard to avoid being overwhelmed in general, so it doesn't come up very often. When it does I go in "system maintenance" regularly, get enough sleep, take time to relax/unwind. If I am doing that I find it much easier to sort through decisions, issues or
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    Complete lack of Compassion/Empathy

    Personality types aside...having such a lack of compassion/empathy is plain stupid. Never underestimate the power of plain ol' human stupidity.
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    God is a sexist, homophobic, proslavery, sadistic, murderer

    Very good questions, but do you realize what you are asking for?? Volumes can be/have been written on all this. Fact is, I simply do not have the raw time to delve into it all here in an on-line forum...I wish I did. To me it is like...using words...trying to describe all the details of a...
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    God is a sexist, homophobic, proslavery, sadistic, murderer

    Well, that's only because it is true! I'm not sure what you expect...if anyone is looking for accuracy they'd best be prepared for some serious study. It is out there, but even then you'll never, ever reach the end. The spiritual life is every bit as complex and rich as the natural...
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    God is a sexist, homophobic, proslavery, sadistic, murderer

    I have found that words are seldom up to the task...the subject has many, many subtle nuances. It is difficult to have religious ideas handed out on a just does not work. People do try though. Theology has a whole lexicon of specialized terms, just as any field...can make for...