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  • I feel bad because there is evidence to support that animals do feel emotion. While I know it's perfectly natural to eat animals, it's the thought that animals in factories are bred, fed, and killed for the sole purpose of being our food that sickens me.
    Hmm, I see. To explain my views on religion, I would have to talk about how I was raised.

    Apparently there is a 1000 character limit on these things so:

    That got very long, longer than I expected, but that should give you an idea of my philosophy on religion and how I developed it.
    What is your opinion on religions in general? Mainly the popular ones.
    Hello. :)

    I'd like to engage in conversation with you about your philosophy and see if we hold many similar beliefs. Perhaps we could do so by leaving messages on each other's profiles? I believe that would be best as it gives us time to think without the pressure of instant communication.

    Of course, I don't expect you to oblige to my request. I am just curious, as we are by nature.
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