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Obi Wan Kenobi - INFJ or ISFJ

Discussion in 'Famous INFJ Personalities' started by Shai Gar, Jul 14, 2008.

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    What do you guys think? Not of the motivational, but of his personality... I'll chime in once I've heard a few of your ideas.

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  2. ISFJ maybe ISfJ.
  3. I would say a Jedi automatically has to be an N. They sense an invisible, abstract force after all.

    I would say he is an INFJ.
  4. Invisible and abstract by our standards. Maybe not to them.
    He always followed the Jedi council and did whatever they told him to do. He basically did his duty and followed the Jedi way perfectly which is rather SJ, the only exception being when he bursted out in rage at Qui-Gon Ginn's death.
  5. Ah, but to maintain harmony and have brief moments of rage perfectly coincides with an INFJ. Why are you accepting the stereotype that SJs simply follow orders?
  6. Anyone can have a brief moment of rage when his/her mentor dies in front of his/her eyes. Maintainence of harmony can be any enneagram 1, actually both traits could be.
    Because that stereotype is mainly true. Actually, I would change that to being relatively uncomfortable not following orders.
  7. and what about when he prefered to follow the teachings of the grand master of the jedi's teachings (yoda), rather than the "rebellious" jedi master who was training him?
  8. And then submit to his master only out of respect for him, not out of faith.
  9. It sounds like you guys are bringing the water to the horse and not the other way around, but maybe that is just me. :mrgreen:
  10. That's my style. :D
  11. Psst guys... I'll let you in on a secret... (he's fictional and so are Jedi *gasp* he did what the script told him to do) :?
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  12. Without question Obi-wan was a INFJ. I think as a INFJ male you have to overcome a lot of overwhelming odds, and in Obi-wan's case he was almost always able to rise to the occasion (with the glaring exception of Count Dooku and Jango Fett). General Grievous, Darth Maul, and Anakin Skywalker( pre-suit Darth Vader) all had superior lightsaber skills (IMO) and he was able to defeat all of them. He always has so much written on his face, but only says what he deems necessary. I love Star Wars btw.
  13. Really, Anakin had superior skills in the final showdown? They seemed about equal. Anakin more aggressive, Obi-wan more cautious and concerned.
    Are you saying that ISFJs can't overcome overwhelming odds? Auxiliary Fe and introversion is shared by IXFJs.
  14. Yes, it did appear that they were evenly matched, but I think that's because Anakin was Obi-wan's padawan for so a long time that he simply knew his style really well. Plus, Obi-wan's style was suited to defeating a more aggressive opponent like Anakin. I just don't buy that Obi-wan's primary function is sensing. He was also intuiting something "elusive" and because he was an INFJ was not forceful enough when dealing with other Jedi with more experience. And no I wasn't making the claim that ISFJ can't or don't overcome great odds.
  15. ISFJ i think. The black jedi (played by samuel l jackson) had a sincere voice and good understanding about Anakins good intentions when he tried to calm Anakin down. And the princess, padawan, understood Anakin in her end to. While Obi-Wan, while staying friend, tried to control him (running to higher authority for help) because of his uncivilized manner.
  16. SH: Let me guess. You think he is INTP, right?
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