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plasma physics rules

  1. Rift Zone

    Properties of Big Bang Theory:

    There is an issue with galactic rotation that Big Bang Theory addresses by fabricating “dark matter”. Actually, the real issue is the density of the universe has to be a very specific value for the Big Bang Theory to be remotely plausible. The theory does not permit the universe to be any other...
  2. Rift Zone

    Plasma Physics / Nova

    This universe is plasma; that is to say 99.999+% of all matter in the universe exists in plasma state. Plasma could rightfully be construed as the primary state of matter in the universe, while the gaseous, liquid, and solid states of matter that we and most of our environment is made of are the...
  3. Rift Zone

    The physical nature / origin of TIME:

    Solid matter is an illusion. At our scale it’s a rather convincing illusion, but it is illusion none the less. When we think of atoms we might have a tendency to think of little balls. We might think of something solid. We imagine it to be a thing, or a few things clumped together. It’s nothing...
  4. Rift Zone

    Black Holes Don't Exist! (remix)

    We got black holes from Relativity; it was Carl Schwarzschild’s solutions of Relativity that gave us black holes. Let’s step back from what Relativity says for a moment to recognize what Relativity is. Einstein’s Relativity was born of Galileo’s Relativity (better articulated by Newton… -that...