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  1. Pin

    Romance: literature & film

    I've seen a lot of games, films, and books involving romance. Now that I think of it, rarely is my favorite protagonist a bachelor. At least not forever. Except Batman or something. I think that a lifestyle of that sort can be interesting because it centers the reader on specific aspects of a...
  2. Nautilidae

    Is anyone interested in fiction typing?

    I'm writing an article about personality psychology as it relates to fiction and will aim to be fairly comprehensive in addressing relevant/interesting angles (writing, reading, self-reflection, aspirational identities, etc.). In the interest of prospecting, I have questions for you: Do you...
  3. Gaze

    Bob Dylan wins Nobel Prize for Literature 2016

    Long overdue? Bob Dylan wins Nobel Prize for Literature Reuters 47 minutes ago STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Bob Dylan has won the Nobel Prize for Literature "for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition," the Swedish Academy said on Thursday in awarding the 8...
  4. J

    What was the last book you read ?

    Hi all, I read an article earlier entitled; Yale Study: People Who Read Live Longer Than Those Who Dont