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I am a: Philosopher, Dynamicist, & Technologist
I discuss: Philo | CogSci | Tech | Econ | GeoPol/IR
Support: Neurodiversity Advocate
Cog Type: LIE-Ni, 853, ENTP

I am an independent scholar interested in the role nonlinear dynamics and principles associated with complexity plays in advancing domains of human inquiry, knowledge, policy, and sociological capacities.

My prior 22-years of work in electronics engineering, cyber operations, cyber security, public policy, and international relations led me to a number of research interests examining contemporary issues. Chief among these are:

• Cyberpsychological and philosophical perspectives on the adoption of immersive virtual environments.

• Modern workforce culture, labor activism, and potential for paradigm shift anchored in socio-cultural relativistic decoherence.

• Applications of Object-Oriented Ontology and Assemblage Theory in ecological and international relations policy development.
I am a father and former Cyber Operations professional. I hail from New Orleans, LA, but have spent 9 years living in Germany, South Korea, Japan & Portugal.
8w9, 853


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