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    Being emotional in public

    It's weird for me. I can sometimes get really emotional if something goes against my morals and beliefs. But I don't get angry like normal people, I cry. I cry when I'm listening to moving music, I cry when me and my partner have an argument. He hates that as it makes him feel guilty but I have...
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    Does the INFJ inner life ever shut down?

    I don't think mine shuts down very often. Even when I sleep my mind is still doing the usual imagination and ideas flowing like a quick running stream. I would like to get physically fitter, but my mind is too busy tiring me out!
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    I must say I totally agree with what everyone is saying! I get things done on time, but leave it till the last minute and I procrastinate a lot of the time. Thing is I have things to do but one thing may totally take up my time, so I put the other things off. Must be an INFJ thing!