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Promoter of: the courage of honesty, the power of love and the strength in gentleness. Devotee to all things sparkly and shiny. Groupie to Eddie Vedder (if he played his cards right!). Arctophile searching for her own Steiff Bear. Crafter of her own life.

Supporter of mindfulness, kindness & The North QLD Cowboys (it's all about the hat). Believer in the synchronicity of life. Vulnerable by choice.

Active in pursuing the deeper meaning of life; love; the universe....
Nov 16, 1961 (Age: 62)
Psychoceramic Therapist


The gift of seeing beyond the facts...into the thing itself...That is what truth is!" - Anais Nin


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    Whatever it is, it's amazing. You're amazing. And Free is learning how to create trophies! Or break the forum. Either way, it'll be interesting!
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