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What qualities or characteristics make you unique?

Discussion in 'Relationships and Sociology' started by Gist, Nov 28, 2009.

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  1. 1) What have others said or mentioned to you about your presence or effect on them which gives you a sense of your difference or uniqueness (positive of course)?

    2) What have you noticed or realized about yourself which makes you stand out, noticeable or different in a positive way?

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  2. People don't know me well but here goes..

    Weird(I consider this to be good)

    Ohh wait do the report card ones count(my teachers typically put stuff like cooperative,kind etc xD)

    Yes that's it..as I said most people don't know me..even my parents(Mostly negatives)

    To answer the 2nd question to what makes me stand out is my uniqueness, I am often misunderstood and people think I'm very weird, I enjoy that partly, I tend I can be highly independent yet caring and friendly, and although most people might perceive me as cold or distant, I know I'm not really any of the negatives they tend to put on me. I enjoy working, and gaining knowledge, always researching, my curiosity is what I consider one of my positives.
  3. dude you are on one today! lol


    Once I come out of my shell...people generally thing I am funny. I have a unique sense of humor. I have been told I have a calming presence. I dont really know...I have also been told i am just one of a kind..."there never has, and never will be anyone else like you, B, Not in this world, not in the universe." from the words of a dear friend.

    What have i realized about myself...My face is pretty unique...and green eyes...why do people get so overworked over green eyes...they are not THAT uncommon...are they? Ive noticed my looks always make me stand out...I dont know if its in a good or bad way,
    errrI guess my posture always makes me stand out a bit too. I have always been a stickler for good posture...
    ok...those are really lame...but I dont know...gosh
  4. 1.) Good voice. Warm (healing?!?) hands.

    2.) Observation. Notice details others miss. Trust. I trust people and they trust me. (i was just raised that way)

    On the negative side, too opinionated, and voicing opinions a little too often.
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  5. Interesting topic again, Restraint! Although I do kind of feel self-conscious answering these questions. Talking about my positives always makes me feel like I'm boasting in someway... Ah, self-esteem issues.

    I've had a number of friends tell me that I make them feel comfortable and safe; they trust me to know what I'm talking about/doing (which, admittedly, most of the time I do not) and that I'm the first person they'll go to for advice. They feel like they can tell me anything and I won't judge them for it or use it against them. And to some degree, I've noticed this too. Sometimes I'll find people that are willing to tell me their complete life stories, sometimes within just a few hours after meeting me. Apparently, I've got that 'protector' vibe.

    I kind of keep my eye out for everyone. I don't spend hours worrying or thinking about other people, but if someone is in some sort of trouble, I'll definitely be one of the first people to see if there is anything I, or anyone else around, can do to help. Mind you, I don't like to coddle. I understand when someone needs sympathy, and I understand when sometimes someone needs a firm kick in the bum to get moving. That being said, my entire life is kind of like a balancing act; I notice that I'm able to adjust my personality depending on the people, environment or task... and I do it subconsciously. I also realize that it sometimes makes me come off as a bit self-righteous, so I kind of keep to the edges if I can.
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  6. Actually, true green eyes are very unique Enty. I don't know hardly anyone with them, not like your color. The pale kind of green/grey is more common.

    What make me unique? What stands out? Well, that's a tough one since we hate to stand out!

    First off the obvious, just being an INFJ and all the characteristics associated with that: thoughfull, insightful, empathic, creative, calming and peaceful. My blend of traits is, like all of you, not very common and has always made me feel a bit different. I too am considered to have a good sense of humor. It may take me a bit of time to warm up to people, or to a particular situation. Once I do I can be quite funny and clever. I come from a whole family of jokesters, so it comes very naturally.

    I've always been one of the most intelligent people in any room I'm in, but unlike a lot of people (and other types), I felt no need to announce this loudly with my actions, or through endless chatter. Kind of a quiet inner confidence of my mental abilities I suppose you could call it. I like to observe and gather. I like to break things down and figure them out. Not necessarily technical things like math, but things such as words and phrases, people and relationships, humans and our place in the scheme of things. I think this make me (an most INFJ's) unique.

    I'm very good musically when I put my mind to it. I usually lose interest in an instrument after some period of time. I have played violin, drums, guitar, harmonica, and Ukulele at some point to differing degrees. Musical talent runs in my family, we all have it in some measure.
  7. I agree with TDHT, that it is hard to come up with good things to say about oneself and then post them for others to read. I also agreed with most of what QP said... until we got to the music part - LOL.

    1) What have others said or mentioned to you about your presence or effect on them which gives you a sense of your difference or uniqueness (positive of course)?

    People have said that I have a calming influence. The number one thing that people describe about me that floors me, is that I am very compassionate. I find this odd, because I really shut down my emotions to get through work days especially. And... occasionally someone will tell me that I have a sexy voice. That's pretty weird, but I've heard it often enough now.

    2) What have you noticed or realized about yourself which makes you stand out, noticeable or different in a positive way?

    Positive way. Hmmm. I am less judgmental than a lot of folks. You can tell me that you wear animal costumes for 'getting it on' and I'll look at you and say, "Ok. Since the fur's on the outside and just fabric is on the inside, doesn't that chafe after awhile? What about all that sweat?" I only get judgmental when it has to do with the rights of another human being. If said person said they wore animal costumes and liked to force themselves on someone else, I would be all kinds of upset - and not because of the costume.
  8. Haha. You're not the only one. I've had random people tell me this too.

    You should post up your voice on the "What Do INFJ'S sound like?" thread. Apparently the majority of INFJ's here have deep and attractive sounding voices.
  9. Mine's not deep - but it's a good idea. Probably should, but I would be embarrassed/shy - lol.

  10. I have a strong and reserved energy that says "Hi, be nice...no bullshit please...".

    Has my shit together
    Has a good head on my shoulders
    Can cook

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  11. same!
  12. omg, that is epic solongo, I actually laughed through your post!!
  13. meh....you just said it all!

  14. its quite true. When I was just born and the doctor handed me to my mom, before she held me she thought I was a boy from the sound of my crying.:m167:

    With enough voice lessons, we can rule the phone sex industry!!:m197:

  15. Thank you RaccoonLove :m105:
  16. I actually don't think I'm particularly unique although it the adjective people use to describe me most. This isn't to say i'm bereft of positive qualities. I just don't rank my positive qualities outside the realm of normalcy. I have a pretty high IQ, but I'm such a ditz that no one can tell. So that's mostly pointless.

    I guess if pressed I'd say my resiliency and my capacity for love. The harder I fall, the higher I bounce. And I'm klutz so I'm always falling it seems. Sometimes I surpise myself with my ability to endure things that would break a lot of people. And I've never been afraid to love even when it hurts.
  17. Very cool responses!
  18. We'd like to hear/read yours too :)
  19. Agreed.
  20. Welll, for one, people somehow tell me their secrets rather easily. The ones I actually talk to [which end up being my friends anyway] have often called me their 'walking diary'. And they tell me I'm a very good listener. People tend to go to me for advice whenever they need it. Great sense of humor. Or so they say. Fun to be with. :)

    I'm not sure. Does being really cheerful count? I am extremely cheerful in my normal environment. I laugh easily, and can make other people laugh as well. I can tell what other people are thinking and feeling just by one look. I don't know how that happened really. One day, I just realized I can do it. Ah well, comes in handy.
    What else? Creative. Hmm~ nothing comes to mind now :m080:
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