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What exercise do you do?

Discussion in 'The INFJ Typology' started by knight in battle, Jan 26, 2012.


What's your exercise?

  1. team sports (basketball, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, volleyball...)

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  2. 1-on-1 sports (badminton, tennis...)

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  3. hiking, running, walking, swimming

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  4. yoga, stretching, P90x, breathing, meditation

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  5. Twister (with my cousins)

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  6. World of Warcraft III

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  7. 3-dimensional chess

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  8. weight-lifting, martial arts, gymnastics

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  9. reading (books require strength to hold up)

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  10. cooking (lots of moving around)

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  1. I used to be regular but erratic in exercise patterns, but it was frequent enough to do some good. That's the key: some good. There are many uses to exercise.

    Hiking gave me the stable, mind-wandering, one-on-one (or alone) kind of mild exercise I needed.
    Swimming helped me feel better about my body's appearance with the same benefits of mind-wandering and sometimes having the company of a friend.
    Then there are the more active, energetic sports that I explore occasionally. The more energetic, the less frequently I spend time on them. Anything that can be done with one other friend is sure to be utilized.

    I finally took a class in cardio and strength fitness. It was actually the perfect combination of positive reinforcement, minimal equipment, mild frequency, regimentation, motivation, and long term effectiveness. (Never mind that only 3 out of 10 students were male. Definitely a far-cry from being on a basketball team, but it can't be denied that this was basically what I needed.)

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  2. i like swimming laps. indoors though because i have nightmares about the sun. when i was younger i used to play tennis, waterpolo, and run a lot. now just laps!
  3. Cardio.
  4. How many laps do you do?
    I used to swim indoors too, but the pools indoors are sometimes so grimy.
  5. I hike in the woods and along my town's sea wall.
  6. you're right,. they're revolting. but the exercise is so good and i'm so paranoid about the sun that i just tell myself that the pool is too full of bleach for it to matter what else is in there.

    i don't know how many laps i swim. i swim for half an hour. i sometimes stop for a minute here and there. i am not exactly ridiculously fit or anything. i just try and get a good workout.
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  7. i'd love to get back to doing yoga! it's awesome!
  8. I really really wish I had access to a free public swimming pool. Or even a pool I could pay a few dollars an hour would be alright. The pool nearest me is like 7 bucks for an hour of swimming. Screw you Canada! Or maybe it's more like screw you New Brunswick....I don't particularly enjoy this provence.

    Swimming is the only exercise I actually enjoy. Well, I also like hiking. Being outside in the woods is nice. But I like swimming way more.
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  9. I like a bit of everything, but mainly

    -Weight-lifting/ martial arts
    -Stretching/ P90x and similar workouts
    -Swimming Laps/Running Sprints

    The more challenging/intense the more I seem to enjoy it - I like to have somebody to spot me, but other than that I don't like having a lot of people around (I don't like a lot of small talk normally, nevermind when I'm in the middle of a work out).

    I enjoy a bit of hiking and things of that sort, but they've never felt quite like a workout to me- it's more like a relaxation/ mind freeing type thing (not that it can't be rigorous) -> You described it pretty well "Hiking gave me the stable, mind-wandering, one-on-one (or alone) kind of mild exercise I needed."
  10. 10 crunches as I wake up,
    10 pushups as I fall out of bed,
    10 bodyweight squats as I get up from floor,
    x standing calf raises as I euh, well, bathroom stuff,
    flex arms as I open any bottle, open any door or pick up anything
    (I wish I had doorframes I could do pullups on)
    when waiting for a PC to start up... shadowboxing if nobody can see me
    Take all stairs twice (actually thrice, up, down, up again)
    buttflexing while sitting
    march everywhere at high speed (although I need to slow down as I tend to tackle people accidentally)
    Lift people I know but who walk in front of me at waaay too low a speed
    dumbbell or bodyweight exercises whenever I'm waiting for something

    I don't have time to go to gyms
  11. My primary form of exercise is something called In the Groove (ITG). If you're familiar with Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) then you'll know more or less what I'm referring to. I've been doing this competitively for some years now; I was originally 135 pounds and now I'm 110. I've now branched out a bit with my exercises, so my routine also includes running, and biking (if weather permits), as well as a few other assorted things.
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  12. Usually dance but I am injured so...right now I walk, lifts some weights and stretch.

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