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The most annoying personality type is...

Discussion in 'Psychology and MBTI' started by aerosol, Mar 8, 2011.

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  1. .....

    You tell me. Which one is the most annoying to an INFJ? Or in general?

    And... uhh... keep it civil. Yeah.

    I'm sure INFJs can be verrrry annoying to others. I know I am.

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    For me, maybe I would say ESTJ. But that's really only based on the fact that I'm guessing the most annoying person in my life is that type. That person is very annoying because he is so excessively "clear cut" in all his thinking and facts. He is a person that would deem inutition about anything to be bullshit and he does not understand deeper convos at all. He also tends to think whatever he says is right and is not open to different approaches.
  2. Undeveloped INFJs and INFPs.
  3. I once met someone which I typed as ISFJ who was annoying.

    Therefore, the most annoying type is ISFJ. :D

    (Logic for Dummies)
  4. Please state your reasons people and not just the type.

  5. People who think four letters sum up a person, and that by assessing someone's type and finding out that they fit a preconceived dislike for a combination of letters they decide not to get to know the person or give them the benefit of the doubt. I honestly don't see what the point of this is except to perpetuate stereotypes about certain types. No two people are the same, yada yada. Seriously though, I cannot understand why people assume because someone is a this or a that they can't interact with them.
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  6. Well, I should say that all underdeveloped types are annoying, but INFJ's and INFP's take the cake.

    I cannot stand when people are hyper-emotional. Everything is about their "feelings" and they get a victim mentality going. I find them also to be very defensive and they seem to have tunnel vision when it comes to their issues. I don't have a lot of tolerance for these types when they're in that kind of mentality.
  7. I think it's just for a bit of fun [MENTION=1009]bamf[/MENTION].
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  8. You can't really answer, an unhealthy ESFJ is not better than an unhealty ISFP, the type doesn't really change anything.

    If you really want an answer, ESFPs annoy me so much because they're like all mindless party animals omgomgomg.
  9. Yes. Good observation. :)
  10. you sir are a [MENTION=1009]bamf[/MENTION]!

    to respond to the OP types are what they are and they are not static and definite, but rather a gradient of leanings, propensities and such and should be treated as such.
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  11. esfjs
    they never shut up, and they're too nice and oblivious to ask
  12. People who don't pay attention to their surroundings or are oblivious to other people's feelings. Unemotional people make me mad sometimes too.
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  13. What's so bad about nice and oblivious? D:
  14. It is as you ask, what colour of eyes make people annoying:)
    I think I met people of any type that has been annoying...and nice.
  15. because you can't tell them they're annoying and to shut up :p
  16. I don't agree as far as the eyes analogy goes.

    Yes, people will be nice/annoying no matter what type. We are all different and individuals. People love to point this out because it makes them sound diplomatic.
    But, the personality types themselves do have consistent, annoying traits.

    As an INFJ I've noticed that we are usually ridiculously scared of conflict. I annoy myself a lot in this regard.
    I was at the hair salon today, and I had brought some food because I was rushing and didn't have time to eat it before my appointment. I was starving but it took me a good 2 hrs to let out a "could we possibly take a break sometime soon so I can eat my food?".
    I guess I was scared because I thought there was a chance the hairdresser would get all rude about it.
  17. lol this sounds like me sometimes haha especially the oblivious part lol.
  18. XSTJs. They are the bane of INFJs.

    INfjs are Ni Fe Ti Se Ne Fi Te Si

    Istjs are Si Te Fi Ne Se Ti Fe Ni

    Exact opposites.

    Now I'm not going to write off the entire STJ genre of people, as my good friend is ISTJ. But I honestly don't like them.

    Why is that? My job is to break people out of boxes (no enfp), their job is to create boxes for them. (Well thats moreso the ESTJ). I'm not saying they're evil and I'm great, we all have our "own purpose" (I guess...), we're just enemies. ISTJs especially are obsessed with social propriety from the ones I've met, and I can't stand it. Si literally makes my blood run cold. I hate hate hate hate it.
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  19. Lol, [MENTION=3156]saru[/MENTION] always trying to defend his type.

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