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What You Can NEVER Say.....


I am who I am.
Apr 17, 2009
There a lot of people in our lives who only know the us that we steadfastly present to them. Our friends, our families, our lovers, or coworkers, our children, or neighbors and the strangers we occasionally engage... but there are so many aspects of ourselves we never divulge to others.

This is a thread for that. Kind of like the dear so and so thread, I hope that here we can be honest and forthcoming....

What are the things we so desire to tell someone, but can never truly say?

I will go first...

I miss you everyday. Sometimes it's hard for me to breathe, to move, to be.... because without you, I am only pieces of myself.

Thank you for loving me enough to let me make my own decisions, as harmful to myself as they might be, and sadly, as they have been. There are no words to describe how much I am grateful for your unending love, and I can only hope to someday be worthy of it.

I will myself to walk away from everyone and everything that has hurt me and made me less of a person, but I do not know if I am strong enough to do so... Please don't despise me for holding on and loving despite it all. Would I be the me you loved and cared for if I turned it all around now?

Take me as I am, and I will do the same for you... trust me to be here. Remember me, and know that tomorrow is a new day... I will never say this to you, but if you need me... I will be there and show you....

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Good thread!!

I dont ever want to see you again!
Great thread idea dneecey
dead? well that's never good.....
I like this thread.
Well I basically just want to say exactly what dneecy said about people not knowing me.

You think you know me so well. You undermine and underestimate me and what I truly value as my core atributes you completely miss. I thought we were close but I've come to realise our relationship only goes as deep as the compatibility of our spontaneous reactions. Our relationship has no personality, it is just defined by fleeting events. You are only thinking about how much you miss and love my outward appearance when you say you love, miss and care about me but if you actually knew me you'd already know how much hurt and offense you've caused me. The worst feeling though is how naive and oblivious you actually are in reguards to me.

I apologise for the part I've played in this misunderstanding but I wish you'd listen when I'm trying to set things straight.
To a person,

Seriously, you think way too much of yourself. Get over it!
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Things I'll Never Say

I hate to admit it, but I miss you like the last number on a lottery ticket. I'm sorry I keep blowing you off, even though I've been secretly hoping you'd call for days. I want to stay angry with you; I want to stay angry so badly, but whenever anyone says anything about you and the immature way you've behaved in the last two months, I cannot help but defend you. I want to let go, but every time I'm just about to close the book on you and I, you turn around and remind me that you're still alive there, somewhere, still thinking about me, and I get infected with that foolish hope that everything's going to turn out better than I expected.

And part of me really feels like it will... but life has taught me not to hold my breath.

I still love you, monkeyface. I would give the world just to be able to sit and banter with you again and count the stars out on that old fire-escape.

But I would never say that to you. Never in a million years.
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To everyone,
I'm sorry I am so incredibly obsessed with understanding myself and everything, that I get a little bit crazy and beyond my actual capacity for understanding...
and everything!

I'm sorry that in this pursuit of self-knowledge, I have neglected my responsibilites (that I do with love) towards you.

To other people

I honestly would've slapped you if the drama that had previously happened hadn't pissed me off so much.

To another person

I'm afraid to hope that we have something.
To people who keep recounting every detail of their day to me,

I wish I was still able to hear your voice. I miss you. Thank you for visiting my dreams sometimes. Please help me to forgive myself. Sometimes can, sometimes can't. I know you wouldn't like me to gloom over things like that. It's hard. Apart from the memories, that I clearly repress.. There's.. it's like a piece of a formula, and piece of the mechanism doesn't fit. Don't worry, I'm still optimistic, I always am. :) You know, I can't change. The worst moment was when I was forced to change into something impossible for me. Then, the thought of you was completely gone. I'm very sorry. It was very stupid, and I think you understand. Hope you don't feel sorry too. I mean, you shouldn't. Hope you know better than me, as usual. :) You are great, I don't think that I'm ever able to express properly how much. It can't be described. Thank you. I wish I could embrace you right now. I forgot to say that I hope you are fine, but it's because I have no doubts. Whatever happens, I will never doubt in you. It's not possible.
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I could forgive you forever, a million times over. Everything that's happened is just water under the bridge. I know it's unrealistic but I can't forget you, no matter how much I try. I hope it never comes to the point that you re-enter my life in the roll you had been in the past, because I'd accept you with open arms. I know I shouldn't, but I would. Some days I wish things had never gone awry, when I know that it did for the best.

I love you, but will never tell you again.

I love you.
great thread!!


I really like you and in a way that I've never really liked anyone before. its kinda a liberating feeling. its the kinda like that well, motivates you to wake up in the morning if I know I'm gonna see you and yet does not drown me in it. in fact, i think you pretty much the only reason i'm still in the team. I miss you on those annoyingly ordinary days as you always seem to make my life more interesting. you dont even seem to have to say anything. just being there makes things better. I really hope I can see you again before i go on my holiday.
i was supposed to delete it.. i don't know how to delete it.. okay pretend it's deleted....

hihi sorry!!!!!

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I soo wish I could say to certain people I know the line that my father once recommended as a good theory to me
"Just because you've f*****d your life up, how's that my problem?"

I guess I'd settle for just plain no but both seem equally difficult.
I like you. A lot.
I really do wish I'd have the courage to say this to you. Who knows? Maybe you feel that way too. Or maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part. Again. As usual.
I've liked you for a while now. I wish I can tell you that I dreamed that you told me those exact words. I could've been projecting though, what with how much I really want to tell you these words. Nonetheless, it was nice to hear you say those words to me, even in my dream.

Bob and Ed. I really do have to laugh. Do you realize that by calling me that, you've acknowledged something? It was very sweet. You're sweet. You make me write rhymes, for God's sake. Oh, that's another thing I have to thank you for. You'll never know that you're the reason I write poetry now. And you never will. But I have to credit you, don't I? Thank you for awakening my poetic side. I love you, in a sense. I really do.
You don't get me, and you don't even try to. You stick to your own people, and don't let me in the circle. You are an introvert, you say that you have struggled to fit in with people yourself, but you don't make an effort to make other another introvert such as myself feel accepted and welcome?? If I told you this you would probably tell me that you totally understand, and can relate, but really I don't think you can.
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You think you know me so well. You undermine and underestimate me and what I truly value as my core attributes you completely miss. I thought we were close but I've come to realize our relationship only goes as deep as the compatibility of our spontaneous reactions.

I apologize for the part I've played in this misunderstanding but I wish you'd listen when I'm trying to set things straight.

This very nearly sums up what I would like to say to "friends" co-workers, pto parents, nearly everyone I encounter who has an opinion of me.

You make assumptions about me, but never take the time to actually get to know me. You take my words and actions based on those assumptions, thereby skewing the truth behind them. If you ever got to know me, take a minute to just accept me, you'd find I am a completely different person than you think. But I know that will never happen - people are just too narrow-minded and judgmental to give some people a chance.

And to the person who most recently wounded me, Fuck you. You are a Prig. I wish you would go back to CT and never bee seen again.:m080: