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What would take over?


C'est la vie
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May 11, 2008
Assuming that all the humans on the planet died off, what animal do you think would evolve to take our place as the dominant, sentient species of the planet?
How do you define sentience in this case?
No one has that kind of foresight.
I think it would be a long time before another species with human-like intelligence would emerge and obviously the most likely source would be an evolved form of one of the other great apes. Dolphins, Wolves and Meat eating Parrots are options but none of them have the potential of dexterity that apes do.
I don't think any of the earth's remaining sentient species (cetaceans, primates, elephants, cephalopods etc.) would take over in any way that would resemble how humans have dominated the earth (I won't go into the negative aspects of that domination at this time).

I think either viruses or bacteria would become the dominant species on the planet, because we'd no longer be here squirting anti-bacterial soap on every surface of our lives.

I think insects would be a close contender to the throne.
Dolphins or cockroaches.

Hurts so bad when the red wine comes flying out yer nose.