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What drives you?


Sep 5, 2009
I've asked this question in the interview threads, so i thought i pose to everyone.
I am driven by an accumulation of knowledge. I want to know things and I want to apply them to my life. I love knowing random facts and whipping them out at random times. Someone brings up Jedi and I will tell you so much crap you'll want me to shut it. The information doesn't have to be serious, just true and interesting to me. I also like to be able to analyze it, and debate it with others. I'm interested in discussion because it helps me see sides of things I would have never thought of. If you can tell me something I don't know, well, I'll probably like you in that moment.
I want to be a teacher.
I'm also driven by the desire to make my friends happy. I hate to see the people I care about in despair. I will always lend a listening ear even if I'm feeling drained from social interaction.
i guess the weight of all the opportunites i have been given in contrast to those who have been given far less than i have. my goal is to turn those opportunities into success, and then turn around and help those who've started with less than i have through charities and awareness. success in some ways is selfish, i do want a financially comfortable life. but i think if that were the only reason i had to push through the hard work necessary for success, i would have given up by now.
A good mix of things:

duty (when duty calls), fun, curiousity, love of beauty (esp in regards religion, God and some of my fav saints, but also love of natural beauty outdoors), habit. (Plus more I can't think of now).
There are perhaps numerous things that I may be able to cite as what drives me. What I see as the most major ones are what I will state here

Mother Teresa said:
We cannot do great things- only small things with great love

Compassion, for one. There is much suffering in the world and while I perhaps cannot save the world I want to extend as much compassion, empathy, and understanding to people as I can. That feeling does indeed seem like a driving force, " thrusting" me into wanting to help others. I cannot change life, but I can change and touch lives.

Carl Jung said:
As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being

Spirituality and Religion also is a driving force. I want to act in accordance with my spiritual beliefs. Curiosity also somewhat drives me.

A journey for enlightenment is also an integral aspect of my life. It is perhaps a rather pervasive aspect of my life. And as Jung said, in the above quote ,and I concur, the possible purpose of our lives- if there is one- is to shine a light into existence. So that also drives me, the hope of shinning a light into existence.

Also, a desire to make my loved ones proud and make them feel loved and to love and care for them
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If I have a defined goal, thenthat can drive me very well. I'm not really sure by which method I choose goals. Also, I can't just decide to do something and be fully committed to it (see exercising daily, etc.). I guess there's sort of an initiation ceremony conducted by mysterious spirits which inhabit my mind and choose my goals?
I've asked this question in the interview threads, so i thought i pose to everyone.
Its taken me a while to put my finger on it, but it tend to be a vast untapped reservoir of rage.
I seem to have an advanced version of the INFJ weakness of being quick tempered. I seem to have lots saved up from over the years.
I'm driven, among other things, to try to be the very best human being I can be. Yes, I know it is impossible, as we all have flaws, but even if I have to take two steps back so I can take three steps forward in the future, that is my aim. That includes improving my intellect, my emotions, my compassion, my understanding, and above all, my wisdom. All the knowledge in the world means little without the wisdom to use it properly. I feel like all the other good and great things come from this.
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