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What does your MBTI really stand for?


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Mar 9, 2009
*Inspired by Wyst*

Okay, ladies and gentlemen! :mp:

What does your MBTI really stand for? How does it reflect you? Use adjectives starting with the same letter as each of your function letters.

For example

I- Intelligent
N- Nature-Loving
F- Fortunate
J- Joyful

or on a less happy note (or more happy depending on your perspective, this monkey looks very happy) :m179:

I- Insane
N- Narcissistic
F- Forgetful
J- Jealous

Please feel free to use a thesaurus and to illustrate each of your words with monkeys! :m023: I love you (or at least this monkey does)!
Each New Thought Propels.

Just thought I'd get the obvious one out of the way first.
Evil Ninja Turtle Power

Excellent Nonchalant Thunderous Power
Erotic Navel Thought Penetration
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Hmm, I've never seen that.

There's some fun stuff in there. It's not limited to just MBTI letters, although it does seem to gravitate towards them.
Erratic & Neurotic Humbling Persona
Everyone Needs Two of us People
I- Innocent
N- Nifty
F- Friendly
J- Jabberwockyish
Evolving Nitwits Thinking Purposely
I'll Never Feel Joy

I think that sums it up pretty well.
Everyday Nympho; Tactless Person.
Intimidating Negotiator, Fierce Justiciar
Errr... I'll Never Find Peace...
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Investigating New Frontiers Joyfully
I Search For Prettiness:m179:

(not sure why I illustrated with that monkey)
Hahaha! I just realized this:

I'll Never Find Peace

Awesome! :D Perhaps...

(Intrinsically Noticing Funny Patterns)

As for me:

Into Novice Far-fetched Journeys
(as in, going to China to study for a year)


Isn't Normally Fond of Jacuzzies


Is Not Finding J and easy letter to use in this game :m187: