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Videos [Edit new bears!! Bears!!! Bears!!!]

thanks for the link though, don't always need to worry about embedding it though... links are fine also...

but if you were looking to embed it, usually youtubes, you can take from v= YttgeyyyYhhh part and then type [YOUTUBE]YttgeyyyYhhh"[/ YOUTUBE]" (without the quote things)
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I know that this doesn't answer your question but I can definitely recognise myself in the INTJ here. Also, and I'm aware it's besides the point, I couldn't help thinking I'm actually looking at my future self twenty years from now. I suppose it's gratifying to know that awkwardness will not go with the passage of time :smile: Thanks for the video arbygil!
Woot! Thanks, MJ! Expect more video posts from me now (Seeker helped in the chat, too!).

And I'm glad it helped, Solus! Sometimes we have to see what we're missing...;)
Video: ENTP describing his type and actin' crazy.

Shai, is that you??

Lol! He's describing his type and I laughed so hard... :D

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hahaha so funny. Reminds me of shai atleast :D
No, that's Frezned. Search ShaiGarENTP on youtube and you'll find me.
:) I know it's not you - I was teasing. But as soon as he mentioned genocide, I busted a gut. "That's so SHAI!" I thought to myself. :D
Videos: INTP female & INFP male (separate vids)

Breakin' the myths, one video at a time...

INTP female


INFP male
I met an INTP female the other night at work. She suggested that we save little children in case of zombie apocalypse for use as decoys. Tie them up with a lead weight and throw them to the zombies.

LOL! That was great, Shai - something about the ENTP makeup gets me *rollin'.*

You're a crazy nut, Shai. And that's a very good thing.:m129:
Hey arby?
I'm merging your threads unless there is a reason not too.

It'd all seem easier to keep track of.
Shai and Frezned, two male ENTPs from Australia who are keen on genocide...two of a kind.
Sounds good to me! I was thinking about it anyway. It would be nice to have a video record/diary of various types.
*Threads Merged*
arbygil, that first video is very accurate. My gf is INTJ and I'm INFJ and the difference they describe is spot on.
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