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Type the Entourage Boys

Holden On

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Jun 9, 2010
Here's what I think... this is one of my first tries at this, so I'll be interested to hear your thoughts!

Vince - ENFP
He always needs to be with people (E), he seems to focus on the big picture and not so much the details (N), he seeks harmony sometimes to the point of sacrificing logic, especially when it comes to money (F) and he is very spontaneous (P).

E - IxTJ
Out of the 4 main characters, E is (ironically) the only one I think is an I. He's the only one who sometimes splits off from the group by choice... either to spend time with Sloan or to work or whatever. I'm not sure whether he's S or N, but I think definitely T, as he is never afraid to tell the truth even if it will be hard for the person to hear. And I think he's J because he is not as spontaneous as the others and often chooses to get work stuff done before doing fun stuff, and also is careful with his finances (saves money instead of spending impulsively).

Turtle - ExFP
Definitely an E, not sure about S/N, he seems to be more of a people-person than a details-person (F), and he is pretty spontaneous as well (P).

Drama - ENFJ
Ari - xSTJ
LLoyd - ExFJ
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I think ari is easiest...ESTJ ? I would guess E leans towards being an I. I think Lloyd would be an "N"....don't know the rest.....show starts again soon - yippie! Can't wait for the new trailor! Bring back jamie lynn, I'm over sloan.
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