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The Truth and Idealism in Virgo

Discussion in 'Psychology and MBTI' started by Cryo Soul, Jun 10, 2011.

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    I'd like to re-examine the sign (with the input of all of you submitting multiple INTUITIVE observations that will glint deeper truths into the symbolism of the sign) and try to modernize the zodiac so that the signs will match (or at least reflect roughly) the values we have today if they need to be altered....I'll make this as short as I can...

    I believe the zodiac sign of Virgo has been downplayed, HORRIBLY misunderstood, and brushed aside long enough for a variety of reasons:

    1.) It's the ONLY sign that is a female; females are NO LONGER viewed as LESS THAN their male counterparts....Man was made for Woman, and Woman for Man ring any bells?

    2.) It's the ONLY sign left that is without an planetary exaltation of it's own (currently it shares a domicile with Gemini) that hasn't been MUTUALLY/GLOBALLY excepted among the astrological community.

    3.) The role of women since ancient/pre-modern times have since changed; that being said, Virgo's significance/symbolism is due for a "pick-me-up"....she's not just the "shy, and delicate" girl she USED to be....she, can't be that "girl" anymore because she's declared herself free, and able to select her focal point for which to cast her energy into.

    I'll now list the unique qualities of this sign that will aid in a "rebuilding" of the sign from the ground up.

    1.)The Sign Leo is progressed by Virgo, from an ANIMAL sign to a HUMAN sign; Sex to Leo is merely "pleasureful" but something "Subtle and Enlightening" happens in this shift from Leo to Virgo....Sex retains it's pleasure, but it's EXALTED with the purpose of having it's powerful deeply-felt energy re-directed towards the mate, to to express the 3-folded energy (that Mind/Body/Soul energy has now harmonized within Virgo and was disconnected in Gemini) to connect with the mate in divinity by sublimating, and refining the primordial sensual impulses (through focus on the intellect to find a means to ) to serve the "inner divinity" and Keep the act "sacred" and as "Ideal" and close to "divinity" as possible......The energy when not applied overtly (and rather indiscriminately) , is sublimated also towards the community that Virgo now must deal with being/playing a part of. (Sin, and Purity are apart of this sign as's "sinful" to taint the "Sacred Act" the minute love is taken out, the partner is ignored, devalued, objectified....and you have found "Sin".)

    2.) Virgo is unique in that it's placement is between the SELF-FOCUSED signs (not self-absorbed just signs that are about PERSONAL GROWTH: Aries-Leo) and COMMUNITY-FOCUSED signs (signs that are focused on a role to play in an organization or community) Virgo is the bridge between these two worlds....she must put herself behind in order to (though NOT forget herself and doesn't by remaining true to her principles and values) rise above Leo, to realize the "Big Picture" that is to realize the foundation laid for a "perfect/divine" world/society....basically, Virgo wants to bring divinity/enlightenment to the society they are in through acts of love, intutive wisdom, and selflessness....these are acts of love that drive Virgo to realize their ideal of the "Perfect World".... (despite the their PREFERENCE for logic-oriented lives/decisions, Virgoans are deeply ROMANTICS and very VALUE-ORIENTED people; Virgo is undertaking an effort that can't be done alone; despite having the characteristics of a TRUE, CAPABLE LEADER, they are now entering into a goal wider, and larger than the self....
    though it must be recommended to AVOID inflexible temperaments; this doesn't go hand-in-hand with a construct of society, and working towards a better, brighter tomorrow.....

    3.) Virgo (rather than health and paperwork) should deal more broadly with what it's REALLY about; with enlightenment, journeys/quests for knowledge/experience (to counter the Virginal naivety that's associated with the sign) and personal can an individual who hasn't realized their hidden potential (their FULL potential) handle a goal such as changing the world? Idealism and values are needed to consider the world, and interact with it. (There are fewer 'terrestrial' traits to this zodiac sign than there are in that of Virgo's earth-sign brethren Taurus, and Capricorn) There is an innate idealism within human signs because they are higher in cognitive behavior and in possession of more cognitive abilitites that give rise to more complex needs and urges (for instance the need for hope and dreams; animals have no use of these, because they are focused on a simpler life of procuring enough food/warmth/water to SURVIVE.....therefore, the concept of idealism, and principles is lost to them, and is more appreciated in a human sign such as Virgo.) that makes them have needs to interact with society, and have ideas towards realizing the potential/value/evolution of society.

    4.) Since Virgo has risen beyond the ego (Wings are a sign of spiritual clarity, and mental objectivity) he wields the choice of HOW to cast her decision she realizes/lives the concept of freedom more so than others; she is autonomous, and able to navigate life on her own. Knowing that you have THE ULTIMATE choice of FREE WILL is discovered in this sign; that we can either be a slave to ourselves, or broaden our horizons by going out to the "Wild Blue Yonder". Either way, it's up to us now.....we have ourselves in view, and a new world ahead of us....Our growth, our destiny, our purpose is in OUR hands....we are at a pinnacle where we must determine for WHOM and for WHAT we are living, breathing, working for in the broadest sense of the words.

    5.) Change/Growth is paramount to this sign....changes that are the size of "reality pivoting moments" are discussed/focused on in Virgo; the change from Leo to Virgo is a significant change from a "Paradigm of Selfhood" to the "Paradigm of Community". that sudden awareness that "There's more to Life than just me....and with just me, life is can I make the best of this new reality?.....I'll give!! I'll share!! I'll change the world because everyone deserves to reap the benefits of it!!"

    So everyone, anything to interject/change/add? I wonder if it's possible to revise the ENTIRE zodiac because it is over 2000 years old, and people have changed since then.....above are my reasons that support my proposition.
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