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The Things We Take For Granted

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Feb 8, 2009
Almost lost my Dad a few months back. He stopped breathing in my arms and I cried to God for help after I tried everything I could to get him to snap out of it. I then said, "Breathe through your nose", and he did. One long breath in, while he couldn't use his mouth from that which was going on from there, and he stopped again. Where did that reasoniong come from? I was at the end of my ropes, yet those words came out of my mouth. I am reminded of a verse that said, "and He breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul". A simple breath...
He breathed again.

To hear his heart start beating again was almost as breathtaking to me. He was dying. A simple heartbeat...

EMS arrived and took over. They called for backup. They shocked him twice in the ER. He screamed. A simple scream...

Swapped hospitals to use another's ICU. His colon was about to burst. He said no surgery and had DNR placed on his chart. I prayed. A simple prayer...

My Mother is now leaving us. She has been through so much in the past month and a half. One of her strokes left her speechless. A simple word...

We could talk to her and she would squeeze our hand. A simple squeeze...

What is really causing the most problems for her is her inability to swallow. She has suffered so much from strokes and such she just cannot find that which can help her to swallow. She cannot live like this. Her body is rejecting the tube feeding. A simple swallow...a simple mouth of food or drink of water....

What has really beat me up so badly is the look of love in her eyes. My Mother has been a reflection of light in a world of darkness. She has emanated light in her simple walk in this world. She is now going into the light to become part of the light. This afternoon's sunset seemed larger than most lately if anyone else noticed it. The light is getting brighter and ever so closer, I would guess that to mean to me. A simple look...

We take for granted so many simple things. Why am I writing this? It is not for respect or sympathy. It is not for a way to vent to feel better. I am trying to share some tough things with some of you folk out there. I want you to enjoy each breath you take and each beat of your heart. I want you to enjoy your limited days on this earth. Hold the hand of those you love. Treat with love those that depend on you. Do it as if it is the last time you can, because it may be one day.

My Mother made the first sound of types in awhile this evening as I told her how much I love her. A simple groan...
She made another sound of the same type when I told her how much my wife loved her....another simple groan...

What really gets me is that look in her eyes of love even in this time of pain.
[ame=""]YouTube- When you say nothing at all[/ame]
This song has taken on a new meaning to me.

I could never write a worthy compilation of things my Mother has meant and will always mean to so many people. There is no way I could ever pay her proper homage for the wonderful life of love she has lived and is living.
I could, however, tell her I would be with her soon in the twinkling of an eye. A simple promise that eased her and had her to show a certain calming of her body as she lay there. A simple promise....

So many things we take for granted.....a simple sharing for others to hear.
A simple word of love for all...
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There is always something to strive for, just out of reach. In that struggle, it is so true that we forget all the things we once worked so hard for and will one day be struggling for again. I think maybe the staggering choreography of all that we manage do without consideration every day leads us to dismiss it's importance. There is a reason, I suppose, that meditation asks us to focus on the simple act of breath. It is in consideration of this basic act of life that we become aware of the magnificence of being.

I wish you strength as you face what must be tough emotions, but I am glad that you are being compensated during this difficulty with peeks through the window of wisdom. Thank you for sharing your vision with us.
Thank you for writing this thread, and sharing with us your gift of appreciation. You remind us to love while we live, instead of just live to survive and become complacent. Truly you're right, about not taking things for granted; the most important things being eachother.
Thanks for sharing this.
Her entire family is gifted from her presence. She will live on in our hearts and in our minds. She is at rest now with no more suffering. The warmth from her body is something I will cherish forever. The warmth from her heart and kind soul will be cherished by many. What is the meaning of life? I know she knew the answer to that one. I hope all of us find it so gracefully. I am glad we did what we could for her in her final years, just as she tried to do what she could for us. A good woman is a true treasure.
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Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this.
:m169: Threads like this cause me anguish for not being a better son.

Thank you Just Me.