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The Dance


May 26, 2008
If any of you wanna play along, we can dance... Just trying to start a song
so if you want to make a phrase, or spill your Heart, it's just meant to be a sing along...

The Dance

So there it was, my first dance.
People were milling around.
I didn't know anyone,
Didn't want to take a chance,
but she gave me a glance..
My first dance...
Come around the floor,
(She said.)
Come and hold my hands,
(She said.)
Can you help me now,
(She said.)
With my fi-irst dance?
I'm just new in town
(She said)
People are milling all around
(She said)
So won't you gimme a chance
(She said)
With my fi-irst dance!:m129:
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There seemed some chance
Two lives to enhance
The danceroom glowed with Romance
as if someone opened a door

I asked where she lived
and she said 'far away'
in a very enchanted land
where the Ravens say Evermore

In the far away skies
where there are no lies
and she danced
as we reached the edge of the floor...
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I whirled her around
and she tripped on her dress
I caught her and held her
and she called me her hero
I took a big chance
Asking her out to dance
And now she's calling me hero
whoooo o o hoo whooo o o hoo o
I held her very tight
She held me too
I said "It's a nice night
with pretty moonlight
Let's step off the floor
and out of the door
into the twilight..."